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Mi Robot Builder  EU is a coding toy that you can build into different structures thanks to the 978 toy blocks. The blocks are made of environmentally friendly materials and is safe for both adults and children. To control your robot, simply connect your robot the app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

  • Consists of 978 toy blocks
  • Can support up to 3kg
  • 3 different modes
  • Long battery time (up to 12 hours)
  • Built-in Bluetooth

Outstanding balance

The main engine of Mi Robot Builder is powered by a CPU processor and a propriety system that allows the robot to perform coordinated actions. The robot is also equipped with 4 USB-ports that can be used to power the engine and interface with other components. Also, thanks to the advanced algorithms, the robot can support up to 3kg on top of its weight without losing balance.

Powerful engines

The innovative robot has 2 built-in engines with rotating speed up to 170rpm and a rotating torque up to 25N.ce. To help the robot determine accurate speed and direction, the engine is equipped with photoelectric encoder. This also helps the robot switch into idle mode when its stalled to prevent it from overstraining.

Control your robot through your phone

Now, you can control your robot straight through your phone by simply connecting it to the app via Bluetooth. The robot offers 3 different modes: Rocker mode, Gyroscope mode and Path mode. This also means that you won’t need a computer to control your robot, instead you can simply drag and drop command code to the robot, right from your phone.


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